• CNC white sawing machine, model 370 60 °
• White saw, model 270
• Comec conventional lathe, 220x1500
• Universal milling machine, First ISO, 40 fast head, 900x350x400 strokes
• DOOSAN Puma 400 LMB Fanuc CNC lathe 32 turret, 12 positions (all motorized), 560x2000 strokes, programmable hydraulic tailstock and steady rest
• DOOSAN Puma 4100LMB lathe numerical control Fanuc 21 turret 12 positions (all motorized), 560x2000 strokes, programmable hydraulic tailstock and steady rest
• Mori Seiki NL1500SY Mitsubishi CNC lathe series 700, turret 12 positions (all motorized), travels 200x500 axis Y +/- 50, counter spindle
• DOOSAN multitasking CNC lathe mod. PUMA SMX2600 / Fanuc 31i-B5, 5 continuous axes, A.T.C. 80 positions, 630x1585 strokes axis Y +/- 150 axis B +/- 120, with rest and tailstock
• Doosan SMX3100S Fanuc CNC multitasking lathe 31i numerical control, A.T.C. 80 positions, 5 continuous axes, 630x1585 strokes Y axis +/- 150 B axis +/- 120, counter spindle
• DOOSAN VC630 / 5AX machining center (5 simultaneous axes) ISO40 12000 rpm. Heidenhain 530 numerical control, pallet changing system (2 pallets), A.T.C. 120 positions, 650x765x520 strokes axis A + 30-120 axis C +/- 360, touch probe Heidenhain TS640 + Kinematics Opt.
• DOOSAN 5-axis mobile column machining center mod. VCF 850LSR ISO40 12000 rpm Heidenhain TNC-640 numerical control, drowned rotary table Ø800, A.T.C. 60 positions, separator for pendulum machining. Strokes 3000x850x800, X, Y and Z axis optical scales, Renishaw RMP60 touch probe, Renishaw RTS tool setting, Kinematics Opt. High pressure pump at 70 bar, continuous rotary table Nikken CNC 260.
• Multi-pallet horizontal machining center (6 pallets 500x500) DOOSAN mod. NHP 5000 with Fanuc CNC 31i-B, 730x730x880 strokes, continuous B axis, A.T.C. 275 matrix positions. High pressure pump at 70 bar, touch probe for checking the dimensions and alignment of the piece by means of a Renishaw RMP60 probe. Tool integrity system.


• 3D measuring machine Hexagon Metrology DEA Global Silver model 07.10.07 (700x1000x700) CNC, PC-Dmis CAD software, automatic tool change
• Mitutoyo Contracer CV-2100 profilometer
• Mitutoyo Surfset SJ-210 roughness tester
• Bench tools

All tools and instruments are subject to specific calibration programs State-of-the-art machines and high added-value production are the most obvious advantages of Officina Meccanica Merendoni. Components can be manufactured using drawings provided by the client. The Company’s technical office is equipped with CAD-CAM systems.